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HappenedHere presents, for you, short stories that answer the wonderfully simple question: “I wonder what happened here?”

Our latest episode:

In this episode, hosted by Mr Robbie Stamp, we look at the history of the Covent Garden Piazza, with:

  • This Beautiful Fruitful Rectangle written by Mr Robbie Stamp, performed by Mr Stephen Fry [Covent Garden Piazza, London]
  • A Much Tidier View for the Duke written by Ms Joanna Clarke, performed by Ms Jasmine Elcock [Covent Garden Piazza, London]
  • Concrete Garden Anyone? written by Ms Joanna Clarke, performed by Dame Joanna Lumley [Covent Garden Piazza, London]

Previous episodes:

Each HappenedHere episode is made up of three carefully-crafted four to five minute stories, rooted in historical fact, linked together by location or theme, and set in the very recent to the very distant past. 

Our stories start in Central London.

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Meet our Cast and Crew

HappenedHere stories come from many different perspectives and are written and performed by a dynamic troupe of storytellers. We’ve got a company ranging from those at the start of their careers to those at their peak, and that includes Stephen Fry and Dame Joanna Lumley.

Check out our bite-sized Festive stories

As a little aperitif, in advance of our full podcast launch, we created six ‘one-off’ Festive stories, gifted across the Twelve Days of Christmas. Listen to each of these, or subscribe to hear them all:

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‘The poetry of history lies in the quasi-miraculous fact
that once, on this earth, once, on this familiar spot of ground,
walked other men and women, as actual as we are today,
thinking their own thoughts, swayed by their own passions.’

G.M. Trevelyan

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